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I made some more BSG icons. I hope you like. ^_^

X-posted to felgercarb and bsgslash

Image hosted by - I tried my best with this one. I'm sure that, given a few more attempts, I'll get it -just- right, but until then...

Image hosted by - We all know how ... uhm, obsessive some people can be about their OTP. Well, this is self mocking.

Image hosted by - This is a new editition of an earlier icon of mine, with a Battlestar Font for "frack".

Image hosted by - And if no one remembers this, that's okay. It'll be my own private joke. ^_^

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed them. If not, that's cool too. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome. If you want any of the ones you've seen displayed here, please say so, and give credit. If you want me to make you an icon, email me, and we'll talk.

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