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I guess I’ll be the first to introduce myself, seeing as how there aren't any posts here. I hope no one minds...

My name is summer_starr (as if you couldn’t tell already). I’m a bit young for the OldSchool! Battlestar Galactica, as I wasn’t born until after the show was cancelled (1980, to be precise), but I remember catching re-runs of it, and loving it. Cheezy fun, to be sure, but then, I also loved the OldSchool! Buck Rogers, Star Trek: TOS, and Batman. At any rate, I do come carrying a .

Image hosted by

Mayhaps it’ll be a worthy peace offering? Anyway, I just thought I’d say, "Hi." *slips back, out of the way*
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Nice icon. It fits Starbuck perfectly ;)
Seconded...I LOVED Starbuck back then... *SWOON*
Dude, who -didn't- love him?

I'd love to do an Apollo Icon, but I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with text and finding pics is bloody near impossible, at least good pics that I'd want to use. Any suggestions?
Well, I have 2 TOS colorbars on my user info page. You can try to contact the creator of those and see if he has any idea. I don't know how to make icons. I can only steal them. ;)
I must admit, I found this community a while back and went to investigate all its members, looking for people who I might have something in common with. I found your colorbars and immediately went to Carousel's page to 'borrow' them. They know of course. ^_^

If you'd like any of my icons, feel free to take 'em, just give me credit. ^_^ I like sharing my stuff.
If you'd like any of my icons, feel free to take 'em, just give me credit. ^_^ I like sharing my stuff.

Oh, I always credit for icons. The only ones I didn't credit are the ones I got off google images.
Finally! People posting in here. I'm so glad to see that there are fans of the original BSG on LJ after all. I was beginning to get a little worried that there weren't ... too many comms dedicated to the other series ... >_> *laughs*

Welcome aboard! ^_^
I must admit, I was a bit nervous about being the first poster. I mean, sure, what could -really- go wrong here? But *shrugs* I decided that -someone- was gonna be numero uno, and it might as well be me. *puffs up proudly*

And yeah, there are fans here. Definately. *giggles* Just to warn ya though, some of us are a bit more deranged and obsessive than others.