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Another Intro...

Thought I'd join in the fun as well.

Born in the middle 70's, I grew up watching BattleStar Galactica. My father tells me of how much enjoyment I got watching that series. I wish I could recall the reasons. Thankfully, the library has some on their shelf, and I have been able to go back and enjoy a part of my childhood again.

I forgot how cheesy that series was, but I also forgot how awesome all of the costumes are, as well as the places they make some of the episodes, like the Valley of the kings on the "Lost planet of the gods" episode.

I absolutely hated Baltar and still do. Every time he gets some payback blown in his face, I laugh constantly.

I did notice that occassionally, the Cylons wear loincloths. Why?

I wholeheartedly enjoy the 1978-1979 series, and I do wish it could've continued, even if the props and costumes bankrupted them.

I absolutely dispised the 1980 sequel of that series. Poorly written.

The new Sc-Fi one I do not want to talk about, without foaming at the mouth in disgust.

I would recommend finding the Stars:"Where are they now" Magazine Issue. Hutch is in there!

Anyhoo, here's to an undying classic..the ORIGINAL and TRUE Battlestar Galactica!
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